Roof Reviver Roof Restoration

Roof Reviver Roof Restoration

Restore the beauty of your roof, of your home...

Enhance or change the colour for a whole new look...

Protect your home keeping it dry, sound and healthy...

Invest in the value of your property...

Roof Restoration and Roof Repairs over the years have never been top of mind for homeowners. They may choose to clean or paint the exterior walls of their homes, but usually do not look beyond the spouting lines. Their roof remains unattended, dirty, and open to the elements.

The Roof Reviver Professional Roof Restoration System offers long term durability to protect any roof, and professional approved applicators whom have been stringently trained in their application.

We call these applicators "Professional Roof Revivers"

In New Zealand the Roof Reviver Professional Roof Coating System is available through licences. You can find your local license under the Licensed Applicator section on this website.

The emphasis on "Roof Reviver" is using higher quality products, which are based on higher resin solids, and are built on quality acrylics, and tinters.

This will enable the "Professional Roof Reviver" to give you, the customer, the best quality for your investment, by ensuring the correct micron dry film thickness and uniformity of coating and coverage, and therefore long term durability and performance.

No matter what state your roof is in, call a Professional Roof Reviver now, for an obligation free analysis of your roof, and sound professional advice.

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